Timbertehnik OÜ was founded in 2004. The firm was based on Estonian capital but a large part of the ideas that went into the company were Finnish in origin.
The main goal of the company is to contribute to the development of heat treatment of wood as a natural, cleaner and, in the long run, cheaper processing method, and pursue in-depth research on this method. We aspire to complement the engineering and design experience with production experience and thus create a better foundation for the more rapid development of heat treatment of wood as a whole. Naturally this combination would also be a persuasive sales argument for equipment manufacturers and will give equipment buyers a sense of security.
A significant part of our activity is devoted to process operation, equipment maintenance and repair, monitoring, sales of spare parts, preparing technical documentation, risk analysis, training and consultation on a completely professional and independent level in theoretical, practical and technical matters pertaining to heat processing.
The following companies had an important role in the development of Timbertehnik: Jartek OY (Tekmawood), currently the most successful equipment manufacturer, Tulipuu OÜ (now Brenstol), where Timbertehnik received its baptism of fire and where a world record in processing speed was set (as yet unbroken) in 2004, Tretimber OÜ, where experience in installation of a thermal chamber and operating experience was gained. We would also like to acknowledge Volunta Parquet, Varleton OÜ and once again Tretimber OÜ, the relatively unusual materials used by these companies gave us experience in developing some of our programming formulas.